Monday, January 5, 2009

Why did God created us?

Have you ever wondered why God made you or why he made people at all? well, it wasn't because he needed us. And he didn't make us because he was lonely. Long berfore we were here, God the Father already had "company" with his Son and the Holy Spirit. All of God's needs for companionship are met within the Trinity. He also didn't make us because he needed people to tell him how great he is. God is totally secure in who he is -- and he always been.

Despite not needing us, God chose to create us anyway, out of his great love. Yes, God loved usbefore he even created us. This concept is bigger than our tiny brains, but it's true; that's what "everlasting" love means. God is love and becauseof that love and his wonderful creativity, he made us so we can enjoy all that he is and all that he's done.

Because of the deep love God has for you, you will always have at least one unfailing friend! Maybe he's not flesh and blood and waiting at your locker for you after class. But that's part of what's so cool about God. He's a friend who is with you all the time. Whether you're at the cool kid's party or just at home alone, God is always right there with you. The God of the universe is just waitng to spend time with you. Hey, have a blast hanging out with Him today!

M.F. Powers

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