Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Great Lies

The following is a list I gave to each of my sons. I call it "The Great Lies of Our Times".

1. I can be like God (the world's longest-running lie).
2. I don't need God.
3. Science has disapproved the existence of God.
4. The Church is outdated and unnecessary.
5. The bible is meaningless in our times.
6. Jesus is irrelevant to modern life.
7. Love is sex (and its revers: Sex is love).
8. "Safely" engaging in promiscuity, homosexuality, and adultery is no threat to my body, soul, or spirit.
9. Maintaining virginity until marriage is unrealistic.
10. Marriage fidelity and commitment are outdated.
11. Sex will make me happy.
12. Material things will make me happy.
13. Fame will make me happy.
14. The world owe me a living.
15. My wroth depends on my wealth, intelligence, skill, and/or physical attractiveness.
156. Allowing myself to be constantly entertained by depictions of human sinfulness (TV movies, video games, books, magazines) is no threat to my soul or spirit.
17. I am better than you.
18. I can get along fine by myself.
19. I can ignore life's rules and not suffer consequences.
20. Liberty means I'm free to do whatever I want.

We are exposed to these lies all the time, but the devil makes sure we seldom hear them expressed in plain and simple terms. He tries to deceive us, yet his lies remain the same.

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