Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two old friends meet again

We all have friends that are close to our hearts. A friend who is always there, a friend who laugh with you, cry with you and even shout if he's mad at you or scold you when you make mistakes. Yes, we all have a friend like that. Friends are important to us especially when we are in downfall. Friends are their to give us a helping hand and lift us up to the highest.

A friend is a gift from God, so let us treasure and enjoy every single moment we spend with him. Let us not waste our time quarrelling, fighting against each other. There's a saying "Two hands are

better than one". Yes, indeed. Because when one falls down, someone will lift you up. Friends are meant to be our "kakampi" not our "kaaway". So, if you are not in harmony with your friend... say "sorry" and make friends with him/her. Don't let it pass away. If you can do it now, do it now.

And also, don't forget to spend time with your friend/s because time is the best way to show that you love him/her. Cherish every minute, every second that you are together.

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