Sunday, September 21, 2008

Children are out in their house!

We went to "mugna" last night with my brother and sisters. What's "mugna"?. Mugna is the term used to describe the place where carnivals and selling thingy is found when fiesta is fast approaching. Okay, back to the main topic... our purpose their is to have fun riding with different kinds of rides..Lol, like ferris wheel, scrumble, octopus, and etc.

Well, their carnival rides are kinda obsolete compared to Disney Land rides! Hahaha... Their rides are not challenging but scary coz the materials used were not strong. You can hear the metal cracking, squirking.. its will destroy in an instance! Lol! Anyway, we had fun to sum it up.

After the riding gallore, we went to a restaurant and ate our dinner! I guess, the best part of going out is EATING! ^_^ Blog to eat! Lol. Honestly, we enjoyed the hangout... its been a long time since the last time we jammed together! La!

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